He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything.

— Proverb

The wellness factor must be incorporated into designing buildings & communities, crafting public spaces, and providing amenities with the accompanying programs & services for residents and hotel guests. These development decisions must also take into account the overall emotional experience of the customer.

The concept of wellness is so broad that it permeates almost every consumer-oriented business category. This includes categories effecting how one eats, sleeps and recreates. According to market researcher, Y-Partnerships, 3 out of every 4 adults believe their current lifestyle is out of balance. Furthermore, one of the largest studies ever conducted on how the US consumer defines their own well-being turned up an interesting result. Sixty three percent (63%) of those surveyed stated they measure their sense of well-being by how "hopeful, joyful and energized" they feel. Consequently, we discovered that knowledgeable consumers measure their health & wellness by an emotional outcome or aspiration. Naturally, people understand that the activities associated with health & wellness include categories such as proper diet & nutrition, fitness & exercise, preventive medicine, emotional & spiritual balance, spa treatments & body work, and even gaining satisfaction through beauty services. But, the barometer for well-being is on an emotional scale and emotional connectivity occurs more easily when one goes through an empowering experiential process. To reach the consumer at this level, community designers and real estate investment companies need to develop a framework that fosters an experiential environment in order to engender a positive emotional outcome. Making such a connection with the consumer will enhance brand loyalty and help them identify your project with their healthier lifestyle.

There are many companies that have expertise in one or two wellness categories but lack the holistic knowledge of a fully integrative wellness offering. While not every company can possess the complete intellectual authority in this mega-consumer category, you should have a working knowledge of how this emerging wellness market impacts your business and which facilities, programs and services within the wellness spectrum you should invest time and resources in. Addressing the wellness factor is no longer an option - it's a requirement for doing business in the high-end real estate and hospitality world.

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