Consumers are looking for sustainable options when making home purchases or vacation choices. Sustainability - the ability to balance societal needs with natural resources - is quickly becoming a goal embraced by many consumers at a variety of levels. Developments adopting a sustainable approach will enjoy improved demand and market pricing.
Wellness has become an integrated, mega-consumer category that will grow to a trillion dollar annual industry and touch one out of every two adults in the United States by the year 2020. Developers, hoteliers, investment groups and consumer goods companies should address the "wellness factor" in their business planning in order to remain competitive.
In a hectic and ever changing world, being in community is a sought after commodity. It is through a blend of natural beauty, great materials and architectural design, and finding shared interests among people that creates a sense of belonging or "Sense of Place". Creating authentic gathering spaces will increase consumer demand and enhance the economic value of your project.

Business Rooted in Values

Consumers seek out places that support their values and lifestyle. In fact, associating with products that align with your values is fast replacing the old status based on conspicuous consumption and changing how we define luxury. There are certain lifestyle characteristics or tenets that resonate with consumers which are broadly rooted in a socially responsible value system. Civano Living is a real estate-oriented lifestyle company committed to three such tenets - Sustainability, Well-being & Sense of Place. Taken together, these tenets help define a lifestyle. Civano Living is a real estate partner or advisor that (re)positions hospitality and residential developments, and assembles capital, to embrace these tenets and offer a product that speaks to today's discerning buyer. Building a relevant lifestyle offering is more than a compilation of amenities. It is the adherence to principles, coupled with the appropriate hardware (design & materials) and software (programs & services) that authentically represent a healthier, more sustainable world. Read more...

Forward Thinking & Unique Skills

Civano Living is led by the former President of world-renowned Canyon Ranch, Managing Member of the first master-planned, sustainable development in the United States, The Community of Civano, and one of the Southwest's most accomplished urban developers. The company brings over $2 billion worth of innovative development, hospitality, branding and wellness experience under one roof. Civano Living knows how to infuse the Sustainability, Well-being and Sense of Place principles throughout a development while simultaneously addressing practical business challenges.

The consumers' alignment with values-oriented products is fast replacing the old status based on conspicuous consumption.

— Kevin Kelly