Our Company

Civano Living brings experienced thought leadership in the areas of real estate development, sustainability and health & wellness. These skills can help shape or reposition real estate assets to reflect the relevant psycho-graphics of today's consumer. Our lifestyle-oriented company can differentiate a project, align the real estate with the values held by many buyers and provide a greater opportunity for success.

Civano draws its name and inspiration from the ancient people of the Southwest and the "golden age of the Hohokum." These prolific canal builders and experts in arid land irrigation flourished from 100 BC to 1450 AD and found a way to balance their lifestyle, including farming, hunting, trading and sports, with their environment. And storytelling tradition speaks of King Sivano and his House of Sivano or casa grande where he lived prosperously and survived several floods. Some archeologists refer to this golden age as a period when the indigenous people found balance between human needs and natural resources. A lesson still relevant 1,000 years later.

Kevin M. Kelly

CEO and Founder of the Civano Development Company and Civano Living, LLC also served as the President and Chief Branding Officer for the world renowned Canyon Ranch health & wellness company from 2001 through 2008. During his tenure, Kelly and his team oversaw Canyon Ranch's largest brand extension period, including doubling the size of its SpaClubs, created a mixed-use real estate & hotel lifestyle product known as Canyon Ranch Living and launched the Canyon Ranch Your Transformation skincare line, found on property and in prestigious department stores throughout the US and abroad. Kelly was the original developer of the nationally recognized Community of Civano, a 1,200-acre master-planned project considered the first major sustainable community in the United States. Civano Development has sustainably master-planned an additional 5,000-acres and built 2,000 apartments, custom homes, subdivisions and one of Arizona's greenest manufacturing buildings.

Gerald J. Dixon

Civano Board Member and Chairman of its sister company, Civano Energy Innovations (CEI) is an accomplished developer who has master-planned over 50,000-acres, communities and close to $1 billion in vertical construction. With projects in Nevada, Arizona and Mexico, he has also overseen construction and property management companies. As Founder of the Gadsden Company he is involved in award winning, innovative urban projects in Southern Arizona. Dixon is a registered engineer with a Master's degree in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Canyon Ranch Living - Miami Beach, a branded, managed facility during Kelly's tenure.
Photos by: Alexia Foderé