Our Philosophy

"Business Rooted in Values"

Today, many people strive to create a lifestyle that reflects their value system and make consumer choices that support and enhance their quality of life. They want products that align with those values. Civano Living believes value-alignment is a substantive change from the days of simply designing and marketing a product, vacation or community. In many instances consumers expect the originator of the product and the product itself to "walk the talk" and somehow reflect their lifestyle-oriented values. Product offerings are best presented in the context of the buyer's overall lifestyle. Civano Living believes that three lifestyle tenets are well aligned with the majority of consumers today - Sustainability, Well-being and Sense of Place. When synthesized together in a real estate platform, and with the accompanying programming, you have a distinct product offering that resonates deeply with the consumer. And, these tenets are rooted in a generally accepted, socially responsible value system that many consumers are proud to be associated with. How a company positions its real estate, designs and markets its community or hotel, and describes its products begins to define how that item fits within the ideals and lifestyle of the buyer. As we emerge from this economic downturn, Civano Living believes consumers will have a heightened awareness around values-alignment, the practices of companies and how products reflect the buyer's lifestyle.

The world has become more complicated and lifestyles even more diverse and layered but the three core tenets that Civano Living knows well and seeks to promote cut across many market categories and economic stratifications. Civano Living can help develop or reposition real estate assets in order to increase profit potential and authentically align with the Baby Boomer, Gen-X and Gen-Y consumers.

In a healthy society, we seek to be part of something bigger than ourselves; be it as consumers, employees, parents, friends or community members. By contributing to the greater good we also enjoy the moment because we have created positive change. This is the consumer ethos that must also drive successful businesses today.

Civano Living is a partner that can help you create the 21st century lifestyle community design and programs that resonate with today's discerning buyer.