Real Estate Partnership

Civano Living seeks to partner with developers and financial institutions who wish to incorporate three lifestyle tenets - Sustainability, Well-being & Sense of Place - in order to differentiate their products within the marketplace. Civano Living can assist in these areas of real estate development in order to put forth a relevant lifestyle offering.

  • First, to reposition select hotel and residential vertical real estate assets and master-plan developments that due to market cycles may be undergoing economic stress. Underperforming assets need to be reborn in order to regain consumer confidence in the marketplace. Projects that can incorporate and reflect the relevant consumer values of our time will more easily gain product differentiation and momentum.
  • Second, to work with investors to authentically introduce the principles of sustainability, wellbeing and sense of place to the marketplace in a new real estate & hospitality brand known as Civano Living.
  • Civano Living can provide financial support through access to mezzanine capital for acquisition and/or development.