Hacienda Las Lomas, Mexico

Civano Living is consulting on the 3,200-acre Hacienda Las Lomas development in Mexico (photo above) to support the developer's desire to create an environmentally responsible, socially relevant and indigenously designed community outside of San Miguel de Allende.

Estancia Yerba Buena, Arizona

Civano Development, LLC in collaboration with Estancia, LLC, was the lead developer for a 5,000-acre project in Southern Arizona.

The project was repositioned, open-space environmental standards were created in conjunction with a team from the University of Arizona, architectural plans were completed with world renowned DPZ and received overall master-plan and first neighborhood plat approval from Santa Cruz County in under five months.

Community of Civano, Arizona

The nationally acclaimed Community of Civano was the first major, master-planned sustainable development in the United States. While the developer was Civano Development, LLC, this partnership was a public/private endeavor that raised the bar on land planning and production housing construction techniques. In fact, the community's design standards in 1999 surpassed the current model energy code by 50%, provided active solar energy options for every home, promoted numerous sustainable building materials, fostered a 30% reduction of potable water, adhered to new urbanism planning and met the Kyoto Protocols for 2010; over a decade ahead of its time.

Civano Neighborhood Center, a showcase for five sustainable building materials and alternative passive and active renewable energy.

The Commmunity of Civano, as originally executed, could not have been the pioneering, innovative development of its time without the hard work and insights of many, including; (my partner) David Case, John Wesley-Miller, Arizona Solar Village Corporation, City of Tucson, David Butterfield, Arizona Department of Commerce, Gale Prososki-Marsland, Wayne Moody, Les Shipley, Larry Medland, Carl Rald, Martin Yoklick, Al Nichols, John Jones, John Laswick, Paul Rollins, Lee Rayburn, Larry Lamy, Rick Ashley, University of Arizona, US Department of Energy, Tucson Electric Power, IBACOS, Andres Duany, Stefanos Polyzoides, William McDonough, the first homeowners in Neighborhood One and many, many more. The community was sold to Fannie Mae in 2000.