You have built a place where living, laughter and community flow.

— Community of Civano resident

Most of us have a need to belong, to be part of something. There are many ways this socialization occurs but with households moving every seven years and people having less and less leisure time, developers need to consciously design the hardware and software to better foster connectivity and social gathering. This will improve the value of a development.

There are places that exhibit such natural beauty that they call out to the soul. There are built environments that seem to have architectural proportions and materials assembled in such a manner that the space feels warm and inviting. Lastly, there are those times when you sit around a table, break bread and share laughter with people that the social interaction is the defining event. Together, these factors - beauty, spatial proportion & materials and social belonging - help to create those unique gathering environments we call, "Sense of Place."

Gathering spaces need the right materials and
programming to capture a local spirit.
Architects and planners have studied ancient Greek villages, European plazas and courtyards and critiqued modern design, through professional organizations like the Congress for the New Urbanism, in an effort to define which building and spatial proportions work best at a human scale. This is the hardware of great gathering spaces. The second ingredient is the software. The formal or informal social programming that acts as a catalyst to bring people together who have some commonality, shared value or interest, which fosters a sense of community.

Civano Living can work with your business to bring the right hardware and software together in order to foster a greater sense of place.